Legally Married: Love and Law in the UK and the US

Max Goplerud
Richard Johnson

The Church of Englands claim that marriage has been understood to be, always and exclusively, between a man and a woman is contestable on a number of grounds. Debates about marriage have a direct influence on peoples everyday lives, and it is a fundamental matter of equality and human rights. Yet the debates about same-sex marriage in the UK and the US are taking place in an informational vacuum too often filled by emotion and rhetoric.

On 21 November Scot Peterson and Iain McLean launched their book,Legally Married: The Politics of Marriage across Time, the Atlantic and Gender, which aims to give the facts needed to develop an informed judgment regarding same-sex marriage in the UK and the US. It aims to look at the claims made on both sides of the debate, and to place them in their historical context and contribute in a reasoned, unbiased way.

The event was hosted by the Nuffield LGBTQ Group. The book is published by Edinburgh University Press.

Scot and Iain are introduced by two DPIR students: Max Goplerud and Richard Johnson respectively.