The New Latin American Left and Regionalism as a Response to Neoliberalism

Neoliberal Legality Workshop - Understanding Neoliberal Legality: Perspectives on the Use of Law By, For, and Against the Neoliberal Project
Kristin Ciupa

PANEL 3B: Lawmaking Against Neoliberalism
Chair: Kenneth Veitch (University of Sussex)

Speaker: Kristin Ciupa (Queen Mary, University of London)


Whilst neoliberal institutional and economic reforms have attracted substantial scholarly attention, the role of law in the neoliberal story has been relatively neglected. Yet law, broadly understood, has shaped various prominent aspects of the content, form, and mode of the neoliberal project, as well as efforts to resist it. This workshop brought together established and emerging political and legal scholars from across the UK and beyond who are researching various aspects of the role of law in the neoliberal era, including the parameters of neoliberal legality; the role of law in the construction of neoliberalism; neoliberal law and the containment of resistance; and the use of law by political institutions and social movements to counter neoliberalism. The workshop comprised a series of panels on these themes and concluded with a plenary round table discussion.

The workshop was organised by Honor Brabazon and was generously sponsored by the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford.

This workshop took place in the Manor Road Building, University of Oxford on Friday, 21 June, 2013.

A copy of the full programme can be found here.