Panel 3: Conceptualizing Equality

The Politics of Equality: Oxford University Graduate Political Theory Conference 2013
Rebecca Reilly-Cooper
Katy Wells
Attila Mrz
Nikolas Kirby
Juliana Bidadanure

Chair: Dr. Rebecca Reilly-Cooper
Discussant: Katy Wells (DPhil candidate, Oxford)

  • Attila Mrz (Central European University / NYU), Is Legitimacy Prior to Justice?
  • Nikolas Kirby (Oxford), Two Concepts of Basic Equality
  • Juliana Bidadanure (York), The Relevance of the Distinction Between the Relational and Distributive Conceptions of Equality: Insights from the Field of Intergenerational Justice

The second annual Oxford Graduate Political Theory Conference was on the theme of The Politics of Equality, and was held at Nuffield College on 25 April and at the Department of Politics and International Relations on 26 April.

The conference included four panel discussions, a round table event led by David Miller (Nuffield College, Oxford), Cecile Fabre (Lincoln College, Oxford) and Philippe van Parijs (Louvain) and keynote addresses by Jonathan Wolff (University College London) and Nils Holtug (University of Copenhagen).