A celebration and critical evaluation of the work of Mark Philp
John Dunn
Joanna Innes
Jon Mee
Oscar Cox Jensen

Speakers: Mark Philp (University of Warwick), John Dunn (University of Cambridge), Joanna Innes (University of Oxford), Jon Mee (University of York), David Hine (University of Oxford), Oscar Cox Jensen (Kings College London), and Elizabeth Frazer (University of Oxford)

This event on 22 April 2014 was a celebration and critical evaluation of thework of Mark Philp.

Mark Philp was our founding Head of Department (2000-2005) and Tutorial Fellow at Oriel College (1983-2013). He is now, since 2013, Professor of History at the University of Warwick. His work in the fields of political thought and political theory are notable for their interdisciplinarity as well as the excellence of their scholarship and depth of philosophical analysis.

The event took place at the Department of Politics and International Relations on 22 April 2014.