Session 3: Democracy and the Military

General Sameh Seif Elyazal, Chairman of Al Gomhouria Center for Political and Security Studies
Professor Alfred Stepan, Columbia University

Convened by Professor Stephen Whitefield (University of Oxford, DPIR), Dr. Elisabeth Kendall (University of Oxford), and Mazen Hassan (Cairo University), this seminar brought together academics and practitioners to discuss a range of issues around democracy in contemporary Egypt at Pembroke College, University of Oxford. 

The seminar has been made possible by generous funding from the following sources:

'Support for Democracy in Egypt: A Crucial Point for the Country, A Crucial Test Case for Comparative Politics’ (ESRC Urgent Grant Support, 2013-1)

'The Dynamics of Political Development and its Cultural Expression in Post-Revolutionary Egypt’ (British Academy International Mobility Scheme, 2012) 

Pictures can be found on Twitter: @EgyptOxford. A full programme of the event can be found here.