How the world wants to be governed: Public opinion on international organizations, proposed reforms, and visions for global governance.


From climate change to war, humankind is confronted with various global challenges. Coordinated action is required to tackle such issues. But current structures of global governance appear incapable of addressing these challenges effectively.

In recent years, scholars have begun to explore perceptions of the legitimacy of international organisations, such as the United Nations. Farsan Ghassim’s John Fell Fund project will expand on this research, exploring public opinion on existing international organisations, as well as potential reforms and long-term visions for global governance.

Ghassim will run online survey experiments on citizens of countries in the global South, North, East and West. These surveys will contribute a book project on how the world wants to be governed, as well as other academic outputs. As part of his project, he plans to organise a panel discussion the International Studies Association's annual conference and host a workshop in Oxford in 2025.