Oxford Martin Programme on Changing Global Order

From refugee crises, conflicts, and pandemics, to financial crashes, natural disasters and disruptive technological innovation we cannot escape the fact that, in the future, global shocks will reshape the world in which we live. We may not be able to anticipate the exact form, size or impact the next global shock may take. But a closer and more critical study of the past can open our minds to the range of possible future scenarios as well as point policy-makers to better and worse ways of addressing them.

The Oxford Martin Programme on Changing Global Orders is a collaborative interdisciplinary series of research that seeks to improve responses to future global shocks. This will be achieved through pioneering historical and social science scholarship to identify barriers to effective cooperation, and identify politically-grounded pathways to overcome them.

This programme is led by the Faculty of History and the DPIR lead is Louise Fawcett, Professor of International Relations and Wilfrid Knapp Fellow and Tutor in Politics. Other project members are Patricia Clavin, Professor of Modern History; Andrew Hurrell, Senior Research Fellow in International Relations and Andrew Thompson, Professor of Global and Imperial History.