Philip Leverhulme Prize 2018


Since winning the Philip Leverhulme Prize in 2018, Professor Ezequiel González-Ocantos has been working on three core projects, detailed below.

Firstly, together with colleagues Sandra Botero and Daniel Brinks,  he has curated a collection of essays that explore new trends in the judicialization of politics in Latin America.

For the second project, he has written a series of papers on the Inter-American Human Rights System. Some pieces explore the relationship between the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and national courts, looking at the dynamics of legal dialogue.

Finally, he has co-written written a book that explains the origins of anti-corruption crusades, The Criminalization of Corruption in Latin America. It asks how the Car Wash (or Latin Javo) Operation in Latin America (the largest foreign bribery case in  history) was possible in a part of the world where impunity for grand corruption was once the norm. The second part of the book examines how voters reacted to a once-in-a-generation attempt to clean politics.