RE: Building Ukraine For All: Inclusive Recovery for a Resilient Ukraine


Professor Freya Baetens


Dr Yevgeniia Kopytsia


As the war continues to rage in Ukraine, concerns increase over how the nation will recover from the conflict – not only through reconstruction but also reform of existing structures.

This two-month-long Oxford Policy Engagement Network (OPEN) Seed Fund-backed project aims to address these key issues and ensure ‘no part of society is left behind’ in the process.

Led by Professor Freya Baetens, Dr Ievgeniia Kopytsia and Dr Daryna Dvornichenko, the project will use various methods to explore this, primarily through inclusive dialogues with key stakeholders, the development of evidence-based policy recommendations and promotion of best practices.

The project outputs will include the production of a podcast series, a workshop and a policy brief involving experts and stakeholders from various fields.

Findings will be broadly shared, through platforms like the “RightsUp” podcast series led by Professor Baetens at the Oxford Human Rights Hub and co-designing the project outputs with a policy partner (Heinrich Böll Foundation, Kyiv office-Ukraine), as well as project partners from Ukraine, the UK, the US and Germany.