The Role of Natural Resources in India-Africa Development Cooperation


Ricardo Soares de Oliveira, Professor of the International Politics of Africa, and his co-researcher Dr Barnaby Dye will explore the role of natural resources in India’s development cooperation activities with Africa.

With countries like China and Brazil, natural resources are often discussed as a major motivator in international development cooperation. In comparison, India’s significant engagement in African oil and minerals is under-appreciated.

This new research project sets out to provide a deeper conceptual understanding of how and why India-Africa development cooperation operates.

State-led international partnerships and strategies—like the Asia-Africa Growth Corridor and International Solar Alliance—and the role of India’s private sector will all be examined, and new interviews with key decision-makers and analysis of secondary material will unearth new knowledge about what, as well as who, drives India’s decision-making. See the project page on IUKDPF's website and the University of Manchester's grant award announcement for more information.