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Programme for Global Leadership

About the Programme for Global Leadership

The Programme’s research seeks to understand and explain the role of leadership in addressing global and local challenges and the importance of leadership in driving positive social and organisational change. There are three major streams:

  1. Ideas–global leadership thought
  2. Practices–effective community and organisational leadership
  3. Ethics–character, values and purpose

The Programme’s educational activities seek to provide students with an opportunity to critically reflect on leadership, recognise leadership opportunities in different contexts, and understand how to lead ethically and effectively. The Programme builds on the work of the Oxford Character Project, which has been conducting interdisciplinary research on character and leadership development and delivering educational programmes at the University of Oxford and in partnership with global universities.

Since 2014, the Oxford Character Project has engaged more than one thousand University of Oxford postgraduates in teaching and conversation through learning communities, conferences, and seminars. Its global programmes have welcomed students from over 50 countries and helped them to develop the qualities needed to become good leaders. The team collaborates closely with experts from other international universities and a wide range of public and private organisations to investigate the relationship between character, culture, and leadership.

To learn more, visit the Oxford Character Project website.