Manolis Pratsinakis

Manolis Pratsinakis

SEESOX/ONASSIS Research Fellow elect
St Antony's College
Office Address:
62 Woodstock Rd, Oxford OX2 6JF

Manolis Pratsinakis is the elect Onassis Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford and Marie Curie IF postdoctoral fellow at the University of Macedonia, Greece, studying the new crisis-driven Greek emigration. He was previously a visiting fellow at the School of Global Studies, University of Sussex (2016) and earlier he worked as a lecturer in Sociology at the University of Amsterdam (2012-2015). His academic interests broadly concern the study of migration and nationalism. He has done research and published on migration and the crisis, brain drain, everyday nationhood, immigrant-native relations, the development of immigrants' intimate social networks and ethnic boundaries and categorization. Manolis has studied Geography and Sociology (with honors) and completed his PhD in 2013 in Anthropology. His MA studies were supported by a Huygens scholarship from Nuffic and his PhD research by a postgraduate IKY scholarship.

Key publications

Pratsinakis, M. 2017 “Established and outsider nationals: Immigrant-Native relations and the everyday politics of national belonging”,Ethnicities DOI: 0.1177/146879681769283813516829

Pratsinakis, M. 2017, “Collective charisma, selective exclusion and national belonging: ‘false’ and ‘real’ Greeks from the former Soviet Union” in Everyday Nationhood: Theorizing, Culture, Identity and Belonging two decades after the publication of Banal Nationalism, eds M. Skey & M. Antonsich. Houndmills: Palgrave 

Pratsinakis, M., Hatziprokopiou, P., Grammatikas, D., Labrianidis, L. 2017, “Crisis and the resurgence of emigration from Greece:  trends, representations, and the multiplicity of migrant trajectories” In European Mobility in Times of Crisis: The New Context of European South-North Migration eds Glorius, B. and Domínguez-Mujica, Bielefeld: J. Transcript Verlag

Labrianidis, L. & M. Pratsinakis 2017, “Crisis Brain drain: short-term pain/long term gain?” in Greece in Crisis: The Cultural Politics of Austerity, ed D. Tziovas I.B. Tauris 

Labrianidis L. & M. Pratsinakis 2016, “Greece’s new emigration at times of Crisis”,GreeSE: Hellenic Observatory Papers on Greece and Southeast Europe, paper 99, Hellenic Observatory, LSE 

Pratsinakis M, Hatziprokopiou P, Labrianidis, L. & Vogiatzis, N. 2015, Living together in multi-ethnic cities: People of migrant background, their interethnic friendships and the neighbourhood. Urban Studies DOI: 0042098015615756.

Pratsinakis, M. 2014, ‘Resistance and Compliance in Immigrant–Native Figurations: Albanian and Soviet Greek Immigrants and their Interaction with Greek society’Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies40(8), 1295–1313.

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