How to find information about this course

The definitive information about this course (including entry requirements) is on the University of Oxford Political Theory Research MSc webpage.

This webpage aims to give you a flavour of what you will learn on the course. You can also explore Political Theory Research at the Department of Politics and International Relations, for an idea of broader themes and ideas explored by our academic network.

Course outline

This MSc provides advanced training in the techniques and methodologies required to undertake research for a thesis in Political Theory at Oxford. Upon successful completion of your MSc, you will be expected to continue your studies in pursuit of a DPhil in a relevant area of political theory. You may apply to undertake doctoral research in the Department for a further three to four years.

  • Structure

    As an MSc Politics Theory Research student you will:

    • Complete classes in Theory of Politics
    • Complete a programme of research methods training in Political Theory
    • Submit a thesis in late August

    For the latest information on how the course is assessed, please visit the University’s Political Theory Research MSc course page.

  • What you will learn
    • knowledge of and skills in political theory research techniques and methodologies;
    • knowledge and critical understanding of the major topics pertinent to your chosen research field;
    • the spirit and practice of analytical enquiry;
    • experience of presenting and receiving critical reception of your seminar papers and essays.
  • How we teach you

    Graduate teaching and supervision at Oxford is provided by your academic department—in this case, DPIR—although some graduate teaching may take place on college premises.

    The majority of graduate teaching at DPIR takes the form of either one-to-one supervision meetings with your Academic Supervisor or tuition in small groups (as with classes and seminars). However, lectures are also used alongside small-group teaching in the delivery of some Research Methods training courses.

Applying to Oxford

As the MSc in Political Theory Research is a research degree foundation, you should give some indication of the topic of your eventual intended doctorate in your application. Do not worry if you do not yet have a detailed research proposal: the MSc programme is intended to help you to develop this.

You are advised to review the profiles of academic staff before you apply as successful applications always depend on the DPIR's capacity to offer appropriate supervision. However, you do not need to contact academic staff members before you apply

Students are strongly encouraged to apply for funding through a research council funded Doctoral Training Programme (DTP). You can read more about these and other funding options on our graduate fees and funding webpage.