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Political Theory

The University of Oxford is a world centre for the study of political theory, and its scholars have profoundly influenced the way in which the subject is practised across the world. Combining analytic, critical and historical approaches to political thought, we ask big philosophical questions like 'What is the nature of politics?', ‘What is justice?’, and  'What ideals can—and should—societies seek to realise politically?' Together, we explore the arguments for and against central political values and concerns both in the past and in the present day.


The Oxford Political Theory Network brings together academics, students and visitors from the Department and the wider Oxford community. Our members work within many diverse traditions of political theory, including analytical political philosophy, the history of political thought, critical theory, feminism, and public policy research. 

Throughout the year, members organise numerous seminar series, workshops, and conferences (including the Oxford Graduate Conference in Political Theory), which are advertised through the OPTN email lists. The DPIR Political Theory group also offers two regular seminars, the Oxford Political Thought Seminar and the Nuffield Political Theory Workshop. All Political Theory MPhil students are required to attend at least one of these seminars per week.

The Network keeps a record of its DPhil alumni who have gone on to academic posts around the world—please browse this list and let us know if your name is missing. 


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