Athol Williams

Research Topic:

Corporations and Justice: A Theory of Corporate Justice Responsibility
Political Theory Network
Regent's Park College
DPhil Politics

DPhil in Politics: Political Theory

I am exploring the grounds upon which we can assign responsibility to corporations to advance social justice, both in terms of remedying historical injustices and promoting future distributive justice. I defend against the numerous objections, particularly the shareholder primacy objection.

Prior to starting the DPhil, I completed the following degrees:

  • MPhil in Politics: Political Theory, Oxford 
  • MSc in Political Theory, LSE
  • MPA (Political Thought & Institutions), Harvard
  • MSc in Finance, London Business School
  • MBA, MIT Sloan School of Management
  • BSc in Engineering, Wits



  • Political philosophy,
  • moral philosophy,
  • social justice,
  • business ethics,
  • responsibile business,
  • responsible investing



  • Oxford University: Advanced Paper in Theories of Justice (2017)



  • Business - I have worked in business for over 15 years as either a strategy consultant (Bain & Company, Taurus Associates) or strategy executive (Old Mutual plc, Rio Tinto plc).
  • Academic - I have held the role of Adjunct Professor teaching strategy and finance on MBA programmes and Executive Education programmes
Athol Williams