Department members meet the United Nations Association of China

Rana Mitter (DPIR) and Annie Hongping Nie from the Oxford University China Centre hosted a specially convened meeting between the UN Governance and Reform Project (CIS) of DPIR involving Richard Caplan, Rosemary Foot and Sam Daws and a delegation from the United Nations Association of China, which consisted of the Director-General Ms Zhang Dan, Deputy Director Zhang Yi, Professor Zhang Haibin and Ms Wang Jie.

Lively and wide-ranging, the discussion covered the priorities of the new UN Secretary-General, challenges for UN peacebuilding and UN peacekeeping, the Sustainable Development Goals and Security Council Reform. Acknowledging the growing expectations of the UN to prevent conflict and consolidate peace, the group also considered the changing dynamics of global leadership and the roles of China and the UK.

UNA-China is one of the founding members of the World Federation of the United Nations Associations, with a remit to inform wider understanding of the work of the UN and to help realize the principles of the UN Charter.