Dr Lucie Qian Xia explores the role of AI in EU-China relations

Dr Lucie Qian Xia, Departmental Lecturer in the Politics and International Relations of China, has written a new article arguing that the EU and China could benefit from further embracing AI to advance discussions in other areas such as the trade deficit issue.

In Diplomatic relationship-building in the age of generative AI: the European Union and China’ – published in the journal Place Branding and Public Diplomacy Dr Xia also states that AI could help strengthen relationships between the two sides.

Dr Xia writes: 

“Since generative AI raises shared concerns for the EU and China, and utilising generative AI could make their communications become more efficient, the EU and China may come to reach some kind of shared framework for generative AI development and governance.”

Dr Xia’s research examines how China could more effectively engage with the world to manage pressing transnational problems, with a particular emphasis on climate change, trade, and AI governance.

She is currently working on a project on the continuation and evolution in China’s diplomacy across different issue areas and regions in the world, and impact on the international order.