Jan Zielonka receives UACES award

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    Jan Zielonka has been awarded the 2019 UACES Best Book Prize

UACES, the University Association for Contemporary European Studies, awards the prize annually to the book that has 'made the most substantial and original contribution to knowledge in the area of contemporary European Studies' in the past year. The panel of judges praised Counter-Revolution, highlighting its 'excellent contribution to the current debate on European disintegration, the future of the liberal project, and how Europe can deal with the populist counter-revolution'.

Prof Zielonka's book explores the origins, implications, and solutions to the populist counter-revolution currently taking place in Europe. It suggests how Europe and its liberal project can be reinvented and recreated.

Professor Jan Zielonka is Professor of European Politics and Ralf Dahrendorf Fellow, St Antony's College