Javier Perez Sandoval awarded 2024 Frank Cass Prize

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow Javier Pérez Sandoval has been awarded the 2024 Frank Cass Prize for best article by a young scholar

Javier won the prize for his paper 'Measuring and assessing subnational electoral democracy: a new dataset for the Americas and India' published in the journal Democratization.

The Frank Cass Prize is awarded annually to the research article that, in the opinion of the Journal’s editorial board, most enhances our knowledge and understanding of processes of democratization, including consolidation and crises of democracy. Nominations are made by co-editors-in-chief, and judges are drawn from the Journal’s Editorial Board. 

The awarding committee commented:

"The academic quality of this article is high, as evidenced by its methodological rigour, employment of a well-established theoretical framework, and the extensive data collection spanning several countries and decades."

On receiving the award, Javier commented:

"Receiving this prestigious award reflects not only on my work, but also on the dedication and support of my mentors, colleagues, and the academic community at the DPIR and Oxford more broadly.

This recognition reaffirms my dedication to advancing research in the field, as well as my commitment to give back to a community that has been instrumental in shaping my rising academic career."