New British Politics Election Year Seminar Series involving DPIR launches

A new seminar series involving DPIR members and focussing on key themes relevant to the upcoming UK general election has launched.

The British Politics Election Year Seminar series is hosted by the Nuffield Politics Research Centre – led by Director Professor Jane Green of DPIR – and organised by the Department’s Dr Zack Grant, Nuffield College Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in Politics Dr Leonardo Carella; and Professor Jane Green.

The series addresses eight topical questions in UK politics, drawing on the expertise of leading academics and occasionally also politicians to provide insights into the social trends and policy debates that will shape the upcoming general election. 

The events are open to faculty, undergraduate and graduate students alike; each talk is accessible to all and followed by an ample Q&A session, where everyone in the audience or joining remotely online can participate in the debate. 

The series started last month with a presentation by Dr Lucy Barnes (Professor of Comparative Politics at UCL), and a discussion by Anneliese Dodds (Labour MP for Oxford East and Shadow Women and Equalities Minister in the Shadow Cabinet), on the public’s view of the state of the economy and how this will define the next UK general election.

Other speakers to date have included Professor Gerry Stoker (University of Southampton) on the significance of ‘place’ in British elections and Professor Rob Ford (University of Manchester) on the politics of immigration.

At the Nuffield Politics Research Centre, we understand the complexities of elections. But also, how leading scholars can explain things in a way that anyone can understand and engage with. 

“We hope these seminars provide an enjoyable experience for speakers; questions they might not usually get; and perhaps a chance to think afresh. We also know that students and colleagues gain an unparalleled insight and understanding as we approach the all-important UK general election.”

Professor Jane Green, Director of the Nuffield Politics Research Centre

All the events in the seminar series take place in hybrid format (in person at Nuffield College SCR and online via Zoom) on Fridays at 3.30pm. 

For more information about the series and how to join online, please visit Nuffield College’s ‘Events and Seminars’ web page and search for the series seminar in the event listings.