Our Alumni magazine now available online

The inaugral edition of the Departments new Alumni magazine, Inspires, is now available as a free download from our website. We welcome any feedback on this issue, or any suggestions for the next ( You can also hear a podcast of a conversation between Dr Elizabeth Frazer and two other PPE alumni, Matthew Powell and Nick Alexander, about their learning experiences at Oxford across the internet divide. Please add your own thoughts to the comment box.

Why are we launching Inspires now? Because the challenges from the government, for the needs of our students (graduate and undergraduate) and to continue our research keep on coming, if anything ever more briskly, and to meet them we need the support and understanding of our closest friends, our alumni. So, we aim to show you here a few of the many exciting things that are happening in the Department in the hope that you will want to be involved with us in years to come.

Stephen Whitefield, Head of Department.