Ashley Wright

Research Topic:

Political Economy of US Foreign Aid Allocation
University College
DPhil Politics

Ashley Wright is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Politics and International Relations. Her current research focuses on the political economy of foreign aid, particularly how the political structure of the US shapes its foreign aid allocations. She studies the extensive involvement of federal agencies and their interactions with Congress in the foreign aid process, employing empirical and text analysis. 

She has previously taught at the high school and undergraduate level. She has also interned for the US government and think tanks in Washington, DC, in addition to working as a Research Assistant for Dr Julien Labonne at the Blavatnik School of Government (Oxford). She holds a BA (Summa cum Laude) (Honors) in Economics (Mathematics) from Hillsdale College and an MSc in Economics for Development from the University of Oxford (Lady Margaret Hall). 

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