Daniel Barker Flores

Research Topic:

Urban Security and Governance in Latin America
Green Templeton College
DPhil Politics

I am a DPhil student in Politics at the DPIR, and a member of Green Templeton College. My doctoral research focuses on state efforts to augment territorial control in urban spaces governed by organised criminal groups, and draws on cases from Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. My thesis employs qualitative methods, using data gathered through extensive fieldwork. My thesis relates to several of my core research interests, which include state building, the politics of organised crime, conflict and violence, and sub-national politics.

My research is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, as part of the Grand Union DTP, and by Green Templeton College, through the Sir David Watson Scholarship. Prior to undertaking my DPhil, I received my BA at UCL before undertaking my postgraduate studies (MSc) at Oxford.


I have taught the undergraduate course Politics in Latin America at various Oxford colleges.