Faye Shen Li Thijssen

Pembroke College
MPhil Comparative Government

I am a first-year MPhil student in Politics (Comparative Government) at Pembroke College, Oxford working under the supervision of Professor Robin Harding. My current research aims to better understand and examine potential relationships between indirect influences of corporate marketing on public opinion and broader systems of polarization, particularly within the context of environmentalism in advanced democracies.

Before joining the DPIR, I graduated with a BA in International Relations (Globalization) and Environmental Studies (Sustainability, Policy, & Equity) from Tufts University (summa cum laude, Sigma Iota Rho). I also worked as a journalist throughout my undergraduate degree, both through my university (as a student journalist and Executive Editor at the Tufts Daily) and through professional publications (using legislative research to analyse the progression of ‘pre-pandemic’ to ‘post-pandemic’ voting rights laws in the United States).

Research interests:

  • Corporate influence in politics

  • Environmental politics

  • Public opinion

  • Polarisation