Robin Harding

Associate Professor of Government, DPIR
Tutorial Fellow, Lady Margaret Hall
Government and Politics Network
Lady Margaret Hall

I am an Associate Professor of Government in DPIR and the Gillian Peele Fellow in Politics at Lady Margaret Hall. I was previously a Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow at Nuffield College (2012-13) and an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Rochester (2013-15). I gained my PhD in Political Science from New York University. My research focuses primarily on the relationship between political institutions and public policy outcomes, in areas such as education, healthcare, and the environment. I also have a broad interest in questions related to electoral accountability, and in particular how it is affected by policy attribution. 

Research interests

My current research focuses primarily on three broad themes: (1) the provision of public goods and services, (2) electoral accountability and policy attribution, and (3) political violence and state capacity.