Thomas Brailey

Research Topic:

Conceptualising Non-State Security
Merton College
MPhil Comparative Government

I am a second year MPhil student in Comparative Government at the DPIR. My thesis focuses on:

  1. conceptualising non-state security actors, and;
  2. identifying the conditions under which states choose to outsource their coercive capabilities

I serve as a research assistant with the Department of Sociology, where I study the relationship between public and private violence, and with the Institute for Replication (I4R).

From 2020 to 2022, I served as a pre-doctoral fellow with J-PAL’s Payments and Governance Research Program. I received a Bachelor of Science in political science and data analytics from UC San Diego in 2020. I have also served as a research assistant for the Center for the Study of African Political Economy and as a lab assistant for the Center for Peace and Security Studies.