Kento Ohara

Bachelor of Liberal Arts

St Hugh's College
MPhil Comparative Government

I am an MPhil student reading Politics (Comparative Government). I am primarily interested in legislatures in parliamentary democracies, mainly in the UK, Germany and Japan, and how their internal procedures change over time. My methodology involves both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Prior to joining DPIR, I received a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from the University of Tokyo with a major in British Area Studies and a minor in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. My undergraduate thesis on contemporary British parliamentary reform was awarded the First National High School Memorial Award. I also completed the European Studies Programme 2019-2020 at SciencesPo, Paris, supported by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).

Research interests

  • Legislative institutions

  • Legislative behaviours

  • Connection between legislative behaviour and electoral support

  • Inter-generational voting and partisanship


  • English (professional)

  • Japanese (native)

  • French (intermediate)

  • German (introductory)


  • Japan Private High School Federation Chair Award (2018)

  • First National High School Memorial (Dean's) Award (2022)