Leanne Iorio

Research Topic:

European Security and Collective Defense at the Dawn of the Post-Cold War Era: Key Allies and Strategic Planning for NATO, 1989-1991
International Relations Network
DPhil International Relations

Leanne’s doctoral thesis aims to better understand how military alliances form and implement strategy, especially in periods of great uncertainty, by examining the process of NATO's adoption of a new strategic concept after the end of the Cold War. Relying on archival material in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and NATO headquarters in Brussels, she challenges prevailing assumptions about the respective roles of headquarters staff and the Alliance’s most powerful members in an effort to shed light on strategy formation in consensus-driven institutions.


Leanne's research interests include:

  • Foreign Policy and Diplomacy,

  • Violence, security and conflict,

  • International organisations,

  • International security

Leanne Iorio