Lorin Bozkurt

Mansfield College
MPhil European Politics and Society

Lorin is an MPhil student at the Department of Politics and International Relations (DPIR) and a member of Mansfield College, University of Oxford. Her research focuses on EU Derogation law, emergency/crisis management and human rights with special regard to the UK-Northern Ireland conflict (1968-1998) and Kurdish-Turkish conflict (1978-present).

Before joining Oxford, Lorin obtained her BA in Philosophy and German at King’s College London under the supervision of Dr Sarah Fine. Her undergraduate thesis examined the justifications and limits of institutionalised emergency powers. She has previously worked as a researcher for the BBC World Service and BBC Turkish, where she reported on Women’s Affairs across Europe and the Middle East. 

Her core research interests include:

  • Emergency and Crisis Management in Europe

  • Derogation Law, Article 15 of the ECHR

  • Identity/sectarian/domestic conflict