Scott Singer

BA Chicago MPhil Oxon

Research Topic:

Emerging Technology and Foreign Policy: A Public Opinion Perspective
International Relations Network
Balliol College
DPhil International Relations

I am a DPhil candidate in International Relations at Balliol College, University of Oxford. My dissertation explores the relationship between emerging technologies like AI and foreign policy from a public opinion perspective, using a range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. My papers address three-interrelated questions: First, which factors influence public attitudes toward foreign policy in the tech sphere? Second, how do changes in technology impact public attitudes in key national security areas? Lastly, how do long-term risks emerging from technological competition affect public opinion? These questions are explored empirically in three key cases – Taiwan, Israel, and the UK – using natural experiments, survey experiments, and various interview methods. My research is generously funded by the Clarendon Scholarship and Balliol College Marvin Bower Scholarship.

In addition to my DPhil work, I am the co-founder and director of the Oxford China Policy Lab, an interdisciplinary hub of China-focused research based at the University of Oxford. My team and I produce policy-relevant research to mitigate long-term risks for third countries resulting from US-China great power competition, including for the UK Parliament.

I previously obtained a BA with Honours in Economics and Fundamentals: Issues and Texts from the University of Chicago and MPhil with Distinction from St Antony's College, Oxford.

Select Awards

  • Clarendon Scholarship
  • Balliol College Marvin Bower Scholarship
  • National Bureau of Asian Research Chinese Language Fellow
  • Howell Murray Alumni Association Award
  • Departmental Honors, Fundamentals: Issues and Texts
  • Maroon Key Society Inductee
  • Phillip Ng Foreign Language Acquisition Grant for East Asia


  • English (native)
  • Mandarin (estimated C1)
  • Spanish (estimated B2)


My substantive interests include:

  • Emerging technology and AI
  • International security
  • Public opinion
  • Political economy
  • Political violence

I am particularly interested in the following contexts:

  • US-China bilateral relations
  • Third countries navigating US-China relations
  • Cross-strait relations
  • Israel-Palestinian conflict
Scott Singer


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