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OxPo collaborative projects

OxPo supports a number of on-going programmes and encourages collaboration through the funding of workshops, conferences, lectures or seminars (including doctoral seminars). New programmes take time to develop and the exchange of academics is one of the key elements for such developments.

OxPo provides seed money for joint projects leading to grant applications to national (ANR, ESRC, BA etc.), international (EU Framework Programmes etc.) or subnational (regional, private foundation etc.) funding bodies.

OxPo supports joint doctoral seminars and conferences in political science, international relations, social policy and intervention, sociology and history.

How to apply for OxPo funding

​​​​​​OxPo funding is open to collaborative projects between faculty and PhD students of Sciences Po and Oxford University (DPIR, History, Social Policy and Intervention and Sociology).

To apply contact the OxPo academic coordinator Florence Faucher

Applications must include:

  • an outline of the research project/event/ collaboration
  • a short cv or biographical sketch of the participants
  • a budget

For more information, please contact Florence Faucher with details of your collaborative project (research programme, workshop, conference etc).

OxPo Past Projects