DPIR’s Dr Marnie Howlett comments on the two year anniversary of the war in Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine continues into a third year, DPIR’s Dr Marnie Howlett - Departmental Lecturer in Russian and East European Politics - has spoken out on the ongoing conflict in the country and  the immense impact on its citizens.

Dr Howlett argues that, for Ukrainians, the two years since Russia's illegal invasion have seemed like an eternity, marked by endless fear, anxiety, and huge loss, with millions displaced and significant cultural and infrastructural damage amounting to billions of dollars. 

But she claims that, despite the vast challenges, Ukrainians have demonstrated an unwavering sense of determination in defending their state, highlighting the critical need for continued support from the international community. 

She argues that, if this was realised earlier, it could have potentially altered the course of the conflict, recognising Ukraine's sovereignty and its ongoing struggle for survival over the past decade.

Read the original commentary article by Dr Marnie Howlett on the Ukraine War in full on the University of Oxford website (published on 26 February 2024).