Policy report aimed at helping improve data analysis for monitoring of UN peacekeeping operations released

A new policy report written in collaboration with DPIR’s Conflict, Peace and Security Hub – ‘Peace Operation Data: Assessment, Analysis and Use’  – has been released.

The report was co-authored by DPIR alumni Evgenija Kroeker (2018, DPhil in International Relations) and Dr Maline Meiske (2013, DPhil in International Relations, a former postdoctoral researcher), who submitted to the United Nations Department of Peace Operations in May 2023.

Contributing authors are Professor Susanna Campbell from American University, Paige Arthur from the Center on International Cooperation and DPIR’s Professor Andrea Ruggeri.

The publication is the final report of the 2021/22 ‘Peace Operation Data, Analytics, and Action’ project - a collaboration between American University, the Folke Bernadotte Academy, the University of Oxford, and the NYU Center on International Cooperation.

The project aimed to fill the gap in data on peacekeeping operations and bring together scholars and UN officials to identify best practices in current data-generation and analysis with important implications for UN peacekeeping and sustaining peace priorities.

The final report draws on and reflects upon the topics discussed during workshops held as part of the project. The project began with a workshop dedicated to providing an overview of the academic scholarship on peace operations and a discussion of challenges around the A4P+ Monitoring Framework.

This was followed by three workshops on peacekeeping data and analytical methods: Third-Party Data; Community-Level Perception Surveys (presented by Dr Patrick Vinck); and Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Text-as-Data (delivered by Dr Margaret J. Foster).

A final workshop reflected on the previous workshop discussions and examined the relationship between A4P, A4P+, decision-making, and peace operation effectiveness.

This report explores questions regarding the identification, collection, quality evaluation, and analysis of data, with the aim to improve how data is used and understood to monitor UN peace operations."

Professor Andrea Ruggeri