Professor Federica Genovese receives funding for a new research project

Professor Federica Genovese has received funding for a new collaborative project, which asks: “What role does local media play in shaping citizens’ climate change beliefs and climate mobilisation in developing countries?

The funding was granted by the Climate Social Science Network, whose reviewers rated Federica’s funding proposal as ‘thorough and interesting’.  Her application was one of 50, which highlights the highly competitive nature of the selection process.

Federica’s co-investigators on the project are Hayley Pring, Mats Ahrenshop, and Anthony Calacino, all of whom are Postdoctoral Researchers at DPIR and are part of the Climate Vulnerability Project at Oxford. 

Project details

It is widely understood that the media influences the public’s attitudes to climate change in developed countries. However, there is less understanding of how media – particularly local media – affects such attitudes in developing countries.  

As a means of determining how local media affects people’s climate change beliefs in such territories, the project will examine local news coverage of climate change between 2010 and 2023 in developing countries, including Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico. South Africa, and Vietnam.

Upon receiving news of the funding for her project, Federica said:

"I am very thankful to the Climate Social Science Network for this award. This will let us expand our research on the politics of climate change risks and vulnerability by diving in deeper into the world of media coverage of climate politics in the Global South."