Daniel Devine

BA Politics, University of Essex; PhD Politics, University of Southampton

Career Development Fellow in Comparative Politics
St Hilda's College

Dan is a Career Development Fellow in Comparative Politics at St Hilda’s College. Before joining Oxford, he was a Research Fellow on the TrustGov project, based at the University of Southampton. He finished his PhD at the University of Southampton in 2020. His research focuses on the causes and consequences of public opinion, particularly political trust.



Political Sociology

Introduction to the Practice of Politics

Research summary

Dan is interested in public opinion, particularly related to political trust, policy preferences and voting; his PhD studied the effects of international integration, such as globalisation and European integration, on attitudes towards democracy. He is currently focusing on how political trust and distrust influence policy preferences and politician selection.

He is also interested in how these topics apply to real policy problems (and solutions). He has worked with think tanks in these areas, such as the Institute for Government and the Open Society European Policy Institute, and currently has a project with the Welsh Assembly on designing the electoral system for local elections in Wales.


(2020) Does Media Coverage Drive Public Support for UKIP or Does Public Support for UKIP Drive Media Coverage? British Journal of Political Science 50(3): 893-910

(2019) Perceived Government Autonomy, Economic Evaluations, and Political Support During the Eurozone Crisis, West European Politics, Forthcoming, 1-24

(2018) England, Englishness and the Labour Party, The Political Quarterly 89(4): 621-630