Stuart White

PhD Princeton

Associate Professor of Politics, DPIR
Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Jesus College
Political Theory Network
Jesus College


Normative political theory, public policy and the history of political thought. I am particularly interested in egalitarianism and its application in policy, and in traditions of political and institutional thinking that are simultaneously anti-capitalist and opposed to authoritarian forms of socialism.

My research interests include:

Normative Political Economy, Democratic Theory, Constitutional Theory and Studies (UK and Comparative), Political Theory and/of Institutions, Varieties of Republicanism, Political Theory and/of Subcultures, Anarchism.


Universal basic income; inheritance tax and universal capital grants; democratic renewal and constitutional reform.


Undergraduate teaching: Prelims: Theorizing Democracy, Theory of Politics, History of Political Thought: Plato to Rousseau, History of Political Thought: Bentham to Weber, Marx and Marxism.

Graduate teaching: Normative Political Economy.


A. Books

Radical Republicanism: Recovering the Tradition’s Popular Heritage. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Co-edited with Bruno Leipold and Karma Nabulsi. 2020.

Building a Citizen Society: The Emerging Politics of Republican Democracy. London: Lawrence and Wishart. Co-edited with Daniel Leighton. 2008.

Equality. Cambridge: Polity. 2006.(Polish edition. Sic. 2008. Korean edition. Kachi Publishing. 2016.)

The Citizen's Stake: Exploring the Future of Universal Asset Policies. Bristol: Policy Press. Co-edited with Will Paxton and with Dominic Maxwell. 2006.

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The Civic Minimum: On the Rights and Obligations of Economic Citizenship. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2003.

New Labour: The Progressive Future? Basingstoke: Palgrave. Edited volume. 2001.

Options for Britain: A Strategic Policy Review. Aldershot: Dartmouth Press. Co-edited with David Halpern, Stewart Wood, and Gavin Cameron. 1996.

B. E-books

Democratic Wealth: Building a Citizens Economy, hosted at openDemocracy and Politics in Spires/OxPol. Co-edited with Niki Seth-Smith. 2014.

C. Pamphlets

Labour, Pluralism and Creative Constitutionalism. London: Compass. 2022.

A People’s Inquiry? Deliberative Democracy and the Pandemic. London: Compass. 2020.

How to Defend Inheritance Tax. London: Fabian Society. With Rajiv Prabhakar and Karen Rowlingson. 2008. Winner of the 2008 Jenny Jeger Prize for the best publication of the Fabian Society over the preceding year.

D. Articles

Constitutions Against Oligarchy, in Rutger Claassen, Michael Bennett, and Huub Brouwer, eds. Wealth and Power: Philosophical Perspectives, London: Routledge, 274-294. With Elliot Bulmer. 2022.

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