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Gillian Peele

Gillian Peele

(MA MPhil FRHistS)

Emeritus Professor in Politics and Tutorial Fellow, Lady Margaret Hall
Comparative Politics and Government
01295 254183
Lady Margaret Hall

I recently (September 2016) retired from teaching at Lady Margaret Hall Oxford since 1975 when I took up the position of the first Fellow and Tutor in Politics. My primary interestsare in empirical politics and I have published in the field of British, American and comparative politics. In addition to my more specialist research interests, I have enjoyed writing and editing books which make political developments available to a broader audience. Such books include two works in the Developments series (Developments in British Politics and Developments in American Politics as well as a text on British Government (Governing the UK ) and the Blackwells series on modern governments.

I have served on a number of public bodies and academic editorial boards.

My broad interests are in the fields of comparative government, leadership, comparative conservatism and the relationship between legal and political institutions. I recently published (2016) with David Hine) a book on the reform of the UKs machinery for regulating standards of conduct in public life. This builds on some earlier work done on conflict of interest cross-nationally for a new centre for the study of corruption based in Mexico and for a comparative study of  conflict of interest. I have also recently edited with John Francis a collection of essays to be published by MUP .The book - David Cameron and Conservative Renewal :the Limits of Modernization? -  examines the recent history of the Conservative Party and builds on an earlier APSA panel. Finally a new volume in the Developments in American Politics series (now Developments 8) is in press and will be publsihed in 2018. In it I explore a long term interest in the role of religion in American politics.

Government Conservatism Constitutions and Government Institutions and organisations Public Policy

I am the chair of the government panel and regularly teach

Introduction to Politics

Comparative Government

Modern British Government

Government and Politics of the United States

At theM.Phil level I am also one of the people who regularly teaches Government and Politics of a Major State:the United Kingdom


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"Leadership in Politics: A Case for a Closer Relationship", Leadership, Vol 1 (2): 187-204, 2005.

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"The Problem of Conservative Party Leadership" in Jean-Philippe Fons,ed., Le parti conservateur britannique 1997-2007 Crises and reconstruction . University Press of Rennes, 2007.

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"Regulating Conflict of Interest:Securing Accountability in the Modern State" (with Robert Kaye )to be published in English by the World Bank and in Spanish in 2010 by Siglo Press XXI as Corrupcion Y Transparencia:Debatiendo las fronteras entre Estado, mercado y sociedad. (Edited by Irma Sandoval)

"What a Difference a Few Decades Makes:The Conservative Movement, Executive Power and the Constitution in the United States" (with Joel Aberbach )in Iwan Morgan and Philip Davies, eds., The Federal Nation:Perspectives on American Federalism forthcoming NY Palgrave 2008.

"Moats ,Duck Houses and Bath Plugs:Members of Parliament , the Expenses Scandal and Their Web Sites (Parliamentary Affairs (2010) The Social Construction of Corruption in the United Kingdom "(with David Hine) in Angelos Giannakopoulos (ed) The Social Construction of Corruptiion in Europe (2012) "The United Kingdom and the Challenge of Governance"in L.Helms (ed.) Poor Leadership and Bad Governance:Reassessing Presidents and Prime Ministers in North America, Europe and Japan (2012)Developments in American Politics 7 (Forthcoming 2013) (edited with Chris Bailey,Bruce cain and Guy Peters

Keeping it Clean, an article first published in Inspires 2012, reports on research on public ethics by David Hine, Gillian Peele and Mark Philp and their involvement with the Advisory Board of the Committee on Standards in Public Life and the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

Doing the Right Thing: Regulating Standards in Public Life, a book by David Hine and Gillian Peele, will be published next year (2015).

Selected Publications