Maline Meiske wins 2020 Global Strategy PhD Prize

Maline Meiske wins 2020 Global Strategy PhD Prize

Maline Meiske's “big picture” DPhil dissertation on Burden-Sharing in Peace Operations, has been awarded the Global Strategy PhD Prize by the Egmont Institute and the European Security and Defence College (ESDC).


The annual prize is awarded to a doctoral dissertation which addresses a policy-relevant topic related to the foreign, security, and defence policy of the EU, and that falls within the remit of the EU Global Strategy.

In Burden-Sharing in Peace Operations: Quantitative Studies on the Global, Regional, and National Level, Maline Meiske analysed the division of labour and burden-sharing dynamics between and within the European Union, EU member states, the United Nations, and the African Union. The dissertation, which was supervised by Andrea Ruggeri, shows that the provision of peacekeeping has to be understood and studied as a multi-level, multi-actor process.

Maline Meiske, who completed her DPhil and MPhil at the Department, now works as part of the After Exit research team on a quantitative cross-case analysis of the consequences of UN peacekeepingwithdrawal.

Her research interests include peacekeeping, regional conflict management, inter-organisational cooperation, and European Union foreign and security policy. Previously Maline has worked as a Junior Analyst at the European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS). She has written on gender balancing in EU peace operations, and is the author, with Andrea Ruggeri, of an article on peacekeeping as a tool of foreign policy.