Edward Brooks

MA DPhil Oxon

Programme Director
The Oxford Character Project

Edward Brooks is the Director of the Programme for Global Leadership at DPIR and Executive Director of the Oxford Character Project.

His research focuses on character, leadership and leadership development in a range of contexts, including higher education, business and public service. Particular research interests include the concepts of hope and resilience, the educational potential of role models, the role of the arts and humanities in leadership studies and leadership education, character education in universities, the relationship between character and organisational culture, and the importance of character for ethical and effective leadership.

He is part of a multi-year project at Harvard University's Human Flourishing Program to better understand and measure hope and optimism, and has previously worked as a visiting lecturer in the Department for Education and Social Justice at the University of Birmingham and as a Research Leader in the Centre for Psychology and Sociological Sciences at the University of Northampton.

He is the co-founder of the Oxford SDG Impact Lab and has developed and delivered leadership education programmes for university students and professionals around the world.