Jakob Schram

Research Topic:

Peace research, territorial disputes, maritime boundary disputes, quantitative research
International Relations Network
St Anne's College
DPhil International Relations

Jakob is a DPhil candidate researching ethnic civil wars, with a special emphasis on peripheral groups that dispute the state's sovereignty in borderlands. His project maps the interplay of bilateral diplomacy among neighbour states, on the one hand, and rebels' and governments' violent tactics, on the other.

Before beginning his doctorate in 2021, Jakob earned an MPhil (Distinction) in International Relations, also at Oxford, investigating the causal effect of petroleum discoveries on states' strategies in island disputes.

Born in Oslo, Norway, Jakob is passionate about using quantitative and geospatial techniques to better understand how organised violence, between or within states, is to be avoided.




Jakob's research interests include:

  • Conflict management,

  • Ethnic civil wars,

  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS),

  • Causal inference

Jakob Schram