Tiril Høye Rahn

UNAI Research Assistant
Oxford Conflict, Peace & Security Hub
University College
DPhil International Relations
MPhil International Relations

Tiril Høye Rahn is a doctoral researcher (PhD/DPhil) at the University of Oxford researching the future of peacekeeping, humanitarian access, and the protection of civilians. Her work combines data-driven academic research with practical applications, aimed at understanding and improving humanitarian access, peace, and security in conflict-affected regions.

Selected Research Topics

  • Peacekeeping

  • Protection and targeting of civilians

  • Humanitarian access restrictions

  • The future of diplomacy

In her research, Tiril employs statistical geo-referenced data, providing a granular and systematic analysis for the protection of civilians. This approach informs both her academic publications and contributions to peace initiatives.

Tiril founded Oxford’s first Diplomatic Society out of Hertford College to foster dialogues on peace and diplomacy. Recognised for her aspirations towards future peacebuilding, she was named among '30 under 30' leaders in Norway. She is a research associate at the John Porter Diplomacy Centre at Hertford College, researching the future of peacekeeping. Further, she is a member of Women in International Security (WIIS) at NATO.

In her previous roles, Tiril managed NATO defence and security projects for partner countries and engaged in Security Council peacekeeping negotiations for the UK Mission to the UN. She was also a project associate for the UNAI Hub for Peace and Conflict Resolutions at Oxford. Her part-time role at the Nobel Peace Centre over eight years shaped her initial inspiration for peacebuilding.

Tiril holds an MPhil from Hertford College with the Aker Scholarship, after which she earned the Red Cross Research Grant for her research on protection of civilians. Previously, she earned her BA from NYU Abu Dhabi in Political Science and Peace Studies.

Published Research

Selected Awards