Tiril Høye Rahn

UNAI Research Assistant
Oxford Conflict, Peace & Security Hub
University College
DPhil International Relations
MPhil International Relations

Tiril Høye Rahn is a DPhil candidate in International Relations with the Oxford-Radcliffe Scholarship. Rahn's research focuses on peacekeeping operations and civil wars: the influence by actors and factors on the ground on peace outcomes.

Next to her studies, Rahn works at NATO HQ in Brussels on project management for partner countries in Defence and Security Cooperation Division. Combining analytical and organizational skills, Rahn is driven to strengthen research and inform practical outcomes to improve future peace initiatives

Selected Research Topics

  • Peacekeeping operations

  • Strategic military deployment

  • Natural resources

  • Paramilitary (Wagner)

  • The Sahel (Sudan, DRC, CAR, and Mali)

  • One-sided violence on civilians

  • State repression

Rahn is a research associate at the John Porter Diplomacy Centre at Hertford College, researching the future of peacekeeping.

Rahn has research knowledge with both quantitative and qualitative data, and use geo-referenced data analysis in her conflict research. Most recently, Rahn analysed the impact of COVID-19 on state repression, peer reviewed and accepted for the Journal of Peace Research

Professional Experience

  • NATO HQ - Defence and Security Cooperation, Operations Division

  • UN Security Council - UK Mission to the UN

  • UN Academic Impact Hub - Peace and Conflict Resolutions

  • Hedayah - Capacity Building on Countering Violence Extremism

  • The Nobel Peace Price Centre

Next to her research, Rahn currently works at NATO HQ in Brussels with project management as a Trust Fund Officer in the Defence and Security Cooperation Directorate in the Operations Division. Rahn manages the project life cycle of NATO program implementation in 38 eligible partner countries including Ukraine. Rahn oversees Partnership projects, stakeholder management, resources, and reporting to Allies.


Originally from Norway, Rahn completed her MPhil in International Relations at Oxford in 2022. In her Master's thesis, Rahn deployed sub-national geo-referenced data analysis to research the effect of government consent on UN peacekeeping deployment in nine missions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Tiril is awarded the Norwegian Red Cross Research grant for her work on the protection of civilians in civil wars.

At Oxford, Rahn worked as a project associate for the United Nations Academic Impact Hub in Peace and Conflict Resolutions. Here, Rahn contributed to pioneering Oxford as a hub including contributing to written pieces on conflict resolutions, podcasts, and moderating a speakers event on UN peacekeeping.

Next to her studies, Rahn is the founder of Oxford's first diplomatic society (2020). Oxford Diplomatic Society aim to connect and equip future diplomats to tackle the challenges of the 21st in keeping and making peace. Rahn grew the Oxford Diplomatic Society to over 1000+ members in two years from 85+ fields of study by leading two committees and the planning over 47 events.

Previously, Rahn interned in the UN Security Council for the UK in NYC as a political advisor. Rahn has experience in conflict negotiations as pen holders for the Cyprus mandate renewal, as well as experience in reporting on high level meetings on Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Israel/Palestine, and Syria.

Rahn has experience in monitoring and evaluation of counter terrorism programs having interned at Hedayah on violent de-radicalisation.

As a part-time job for eight years, Rahn worked at the Nobel Peace Center from 2011 to 2019.

Published Research

Selected Awards

  • 30 under 30 leaders in Norway, DN 2021

  • Oxford-Radcliffe Scholarship, 2022-2024

  • Red Cross Norway Research Grant, 2020-2022

  • Aker Scholarship, 2020-2022

  • Founders Day Award, New York University, 2020


  • Norwegian (native)

  • English (fluent)

  • Arabic (basic)

  • Spanish (basic)

  • German (basic)

  • Chinese (basic)