Cheryl Birdseye

Cheryl is a Research Facilitation Officer within the wider Research Facilitation team, responsible for providing pre-award support for those preparing applications for grants and funding awards. She is currently seconded to DPIR from History, where she has been since 2018, supporting academics in teaching and research projects, as well as working within the HR team to look after casual appointments and the department's EDI groups.

Annie R Taber

Annie Taber is reading for an MPhil in European Politics and Society in association with St Hilda's college. Prior to coming to Oxford, she studied at Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service and received her BSFS (Honors) in Regional and Comparative Studies with a concentration on Western Europe and a minor in French. Her undergraduate thesis examined the constructions of the populist "people" in the manifestos of the UK Independence Party in 2016 and Front national in 2017.

Zarina Kulaeva

Zarina Kulaeva is a doctoral researcher at the Open University of Catalonia (OUC) in Barcelona, Spain. Her research, funded by a grant from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), focuses on the analysis of political regimes within the context of climate change. In addition to her research, Zarina teaches Comparative Politics at the same institution.

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