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Yasmina Abouzzohour

Research Topic: Regime survival in Arab monarchies

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Shai Agmon

Research Topic: Political Theory, Institutional Limits of Markets, Legal Philosophy, Public Policy

Mats Ahrenshop

Research Topic: Political Economy of Development

Jonathan Askonas

Research Topic: Organizational Politics; Military Effectiveness; US Defense Policy; Evolutionary Approaches to Social Science; Russian Foreign Policy

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Kaya Axelsson

Research Topic: Environmental Politics

Ebenezer Azamati

Research Topic: Non-democratic P5 Members and UN Liberal Peacebuilding: Why China and Russia participate in the Conduct of elections, the building of democratic institutions, The Promotion of human rights and The strengthening of rule of law in post-conflict states

Nicholas Barker

Research Topic: The termination and aftermath of civil wars

Leandra Bias

Research Topic: Transnational feminism, illiberalism, comparative politics, post-communist Europe, critical theory, interpretive research methods

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Robert Bognar

Research Topic: Evolutionary Theory and Warfare

Russell Bogue

Research Topic: privacy, privacy rights, the historical and sociological development of privacy

Moritz Emanuel Bondeli

Research Topic: Political Economy, Inequality, Welfare States, Politics of Taxation

Adam Brodie

Research Topic: Social movements and non-military conflict in post-war Northern Ireland

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Katharine Brooks

Research Topic: The historical evolution of discursive justifications for land claims in international thought and practice.

Frances Z. Brown

Research Topic: Bottom-up Statebuilding: Foreign Interveners, Local Governance, and Conflict

Samuel Bruce

Research Topic: Political Reflection

Filip Bubenheimer

Research Topic: The Politics of Judicial Review in Inter-War Europe

Sarah Bufkin

Research Topic: Critical Theory and critical race theory

Lucinda Cadzow

Research Topic: International Taxation, Offshore Financial Centres, Global Governance,

Alex Coccia

Research Topic: poverty alleviation; political economy of race; state policy choice

Benedict Coleridge

Research Topic: Democratic Deliberation and the Mediational Intelligence of Form

Jamie Collier

Research Topic: Cyber Security and International Relations

John de Bhal

Research Topic: Brazil, a reluctant hegemon? Beyond ‘reluctance’ to a state transformation analysis of Brazilian engagement in South America

Susan Divald

Research Topic: Hungarian minority autonomy claims in Romania and Slovakia

Arthur Duhé

Research Topic: A Spinozist Affect Theory of Revolutionary Diffusion

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Harald Edinger

Research Topic: Fear and Anger in Classical Realism and Russian Foreign Policy

Jan Eijking

Research Topic: Liberal internationalist visions of expert governance

Alejandro Espinosa

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Ross James Gildea

Research Topic: Political Psychology/International Relations

Johann Go

Research Topic: Global justice; ethics of immigration; distributive justice

Robert Gorwa

Research Topic: Technology Companies and Global Politics

Zack Grant

Research Topic: Crisis and Convergence: How the Combination of a Weak Economy and Mainstream Party Ideological De-Polarisation Fuels Anti-System Party Support

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Kate Guy

Research Topic: Climate change, security, international order and governance

Friederike Haberstroh

Research Topic: Asylum seeker access to the welfare state

Eric B Haney

Research Topic: Emergence of the international system from British Empire, ordering, law, collaboration, resistance

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Jakob Hensing

Research Topic: Economic reconstruction and private sector development in post-conflict environments

Irina Herb

Research Topic: Critical approaches to environmental governance and environmental justice with a focus on diverse ways of relating to and knowing the 'natural environment'.

Ishrat Hossain

Research Topic: Communal Violence in the Bangladesh-Myanmar Borderlands

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Edward Howell

Research Topic: Juche H-bomb: Nuclear ideology and North Korea's survival

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Tuuli-Anna Huikuri

Research Topic: Global Governance of International Investment

Sharinee Jagtiani

Research Topic: Rethinking Regions and Status in International Relations: The Case of India

Maryhen Jimenez Morales

Research Topic: Autocrats and Oppositions: Lessons from Latin America

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Yutang Jin

Research Topic: Confucian Justifications of Political Participation

Jonne Kamphorst

Research Topic: Impact of globalization on party systems

Josie Lianna Kaye

Research Topic: The Business of Peace and the Politics of Inclusion: What Role for Local ‘Licit’ and ‘Illicit’ Business Actors in Peace Mediation?

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Miles Kellerman

Research Topic: Transnational Financial Crime

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Zaha Kheir

Research Topic: ‘THE CHOSEN PEOPLE’ AND ‘THE HOUSE OF MANY MANSIONS’: How Nationalism Stabilized Israel’s Democracy and Destabilized That of Lebanon

Maya Kornberg

Research Topic: Evidence based policymaking

Kimiko Kuga

Research Topic: Critical perspective of human trafficking in Japan: The role of ideas and institutions in creating distorted measures against human trafficking

Catherine Laporte-Oshiro

Research Topic: US Economic Policy Toward China in the Post-Cold War Era

Catarina Leão

Research Topic: Impact of Legacies of Undemocratic Regimes on Contemporary Political Institutions

Jake Lehrle-Fry

Research Topic: Luck Egalitarianism, egalitarianism in the family, redistributive principles and social equality. Fledgling interest in: egalitarianism and public services, love in political theory.

Jade Leung

Research Topic: Governance of Artificial Intelligence

Catharina Lewerenz

Research Topic: Auxiliary Forces, Nonviolence, Violence,

Kan Li

Research Topic: How the Weak Deter the Strong: Agent-Based Modeling of Asymmetric Conflicts

Julián D. López-Murcia

Research Topic: Recentralisation and its causes: Colombia, 1994-2014

Job Market Candidate

Xiaoyu Lu

Research Topic: Norm Diffusion; International Organisation; Political Ethnography

Sabrina Martin

Research Topic: Global Justice and International Trade

Sam Maynard

Research Topic: Political Party Survival/Revival in Latin America; Argentine Politics

Vanessa Meier

Research Topic: Causes and Consequences of External Support to Civil Wars

Lavi Melman

Research Topic: Political Education in Allied-Occupied Germany - Exogenous Reform for Democratic Consolidation

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Jean Christopher Mittelstaedt

Research Topic: The CCP's intra-Party rules (党内法规) and law

Marco Moraes

Research Topic: The League of Nations secretariat and internationalism in the interwar period

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Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh

Research Topic: The spread of nuclear-weapon-free zones in the Global South

Max Muir

Research Topic: Unquiet Ghosts: A Critique of Civil Disobedience

Naosuke Mukoyama

Research Topic: Natural resources and territorial sovereignty: The separate independence of oil-rich colonial areas

Lara Olson

Research Topic: Linking Good and Bad Civil Society: How Local Networks Promote Peace or Renewed Violence in Protracted Civil Wars

Abhishek Parajuli

Research Topic: How Mistakes Affect Women and Minorities in Politics and the Workplace

Anna Petherick

Research Topic: Corruption

Elle Pfeffer

Research Topic: Political economy of punishment and criminal justice

Rosie Pinnington

Research Topic: Donor approaches to supporting institutional reform in Africa

Patrick Quinton-Brown

Research Topic: The Non-Aligned Movement and the Legitimate Use of Force

Constantin Reinprecht

Research Topic: Migration decision-making of potential migrants

Tom Robinson

Research Topic: Democracy, representation and campaign finance

Richard Roewer

Research Topic: Democratic Party Formation under Authoritarian Rule

Sam Rowan

Research Topic: International politics of climate change

Jay Ruckelshaus

Research Topic: democratic theory

Endrit Shabani

Research Topic: Playing to lose in the international arena

Job Market Candidate

Karishma Minal Shah

Research Topic: Counterterrorism, Election Interference, International Relations

Katherine Shen

Research Topic: International public law, International legal structures

Jessica Sims

Research Topic: Normative issues in social policy; US education and health disparities; theories of social and reparative justice

Samuel Singler

Research Topic: Security Technologies, Borders, Migration, and Critical IR

Lucy Song

Research Topic: Domestic politics of foreign policy

Ross Speer

Research Topic: Aleatory Materialism: The Necessity of Contingency

Job Market Candidate

Silvia Spodaru

Research Topic: Religion, Identity and Conflict

Kenneth Thomas Stiller

Research Topic: International Trade

Anette Stimmer

Research Topic: Norm contestation

Joonas Taras

Research Topic: Politics of disruptive technology regulation

Ariadna Tsenina

Research Topic: Strategies of electoral dominance in semi-authoritarian regimes

Job Market Candidate

Katherine T. Tyson

Research Topic: International Political Economy; International Organizations; Standardizations: regulatory, policy, and collective harmonization concerning global public goods (particularly, climate change, migration, and finance)

Jonas von Hoffmann

Research Topic: Drug Policy in Latin America

Vuk Vukovic

Research Topic: How the interaction between politicians and interest groups affects the rise of inequality

Valentin Weber

Research Topic: Cyber Security and International Relations

Klaudia Wegschaider

Research Topic: Migration and Voting at the Local Level

Athol Williams

Research Topic: Corporations and Justice: A Theory of Corporate Justice Responsibility

Jeffrey A. Wright

Research Topic: Power and Representation in Intergovernmental Organizations

Sam Wrighton

Research Topic: The extra-territorial naturalisation policies of Russia and Hungary

Job Market Candidate

Pablo Zambrano

Research Topic: Sovereignty, Territory, and Property in Outer Space

Alexandra Zeitz

Research Topic: Financial Statecraft of Debtors: The political economy of external finance in Africa

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Harold Haoyu Zhai

Research Topic: Radical Right Economic Strategy

Qiang Zhang

Research Topic: The positive reassessment of Republican China in post-Mao China

Yuan Yi Zhu

Research Topic: The Theories and Practices of Legal Sovereignty in Republican China

Annette Zimmermann

Research Topic: Democratic Enfranchisement Beyond Citizenship: The All-Affected Principle in Theory and Practice

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