Paul Chaisty

BA PhD Leeds

Professor of Russian and East European Politics
Government and Politics Network
St Antony's College

Paul Chaisty is Professor of Russian and East European Politics and Head of the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies (OSGA). He joined the Department of Politics and International Relations and OSGA in 2005, following a three-year appointment in Politics at Pembroke College, Oxford. His research interests cover legislative, party and interest group politics in post-communist Russia; political attitudes in Russia; nationalism in Russia and Ukraine; and comparative presidentialism. His current book project with Stephen Whitefield is entitled Consolidation and Contestation: How Russians understand the new Russia.


Contemporary Russian Politics


  • The Politics of Russia and the Former Soviet Union;

  • Comparative Government;

  • Comparative Presidentialism;

  • The Political Sociology of Post-Communist Societies



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Book chapters

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Other Publications

(2015) (with Nicholas Cheeseman and Timothy Power), ‘The Coalitional Presidentialism Project: How MPs Understand Coalitional Politics in Presidential System’, Research Report (University of Oxford: Department for Politics and International Relations).

(2015) (with Nicholas Cheeseman and Timothy Power), ‘Prospects for a New Coalition in Ukraine’, Policy Brief (University of Oxford: Department for Politics and International Relations).

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