David Doyle

David Doyle

Associate Professor of Politics, St. Hughs
Comparative Politics and Government
01865 284457
St Hugh's College

I am an Associate Professor of Latin American Politics in the Department of Politics and International Relations  at the University of Oxford, and a Fellow of St Hugh’s College. I am a member of the Latin American Centre.

My general research and teaching interests include comparative politics and comparative political economy. I am cureently working on a number of projects. These include projects on the political economy of partisanship, taxation and spending in Latin America; on the effect of remittances; on the revealed position of Latin American presidents in their speeches; together with some work on populism and the development of ideology in children.

I also regularly contribute to the blog Presidential Power on news and issues related to executives in Latin America. I am the co-convener of the ECPR Standing Group on Latin American Politics. I am also an Associate Editor of the journal Oxford Development Studies.

My research has appeared (or is forthcoming) in journals such as the American Political Science Review, the Journal of Politics, the British Journal of Political Science, Comparative Political Studies, Legislative Stuies Quarterly, Political Research Quarterly, and the Journal of Public Policy, among others.

Most Recent Publications:

Measuring Legislative Power: An Expert Reweighting of the Fish-Kroenig Parliamentary Powers Index (with Svitlana Chernykh and Tim Power). Forthcoming in Legislative Studies Quarterly.

Presidents, Policy Compromise and Legislative Success (with Christian Arnold and Nina Wiesehomeier). Forthcoming in Journal of Politics.

Remittances and Social Spending. 2015 Amercian Political Science Review.

Maximizing the reliability of cross-national measures of presidential power (with Robert Elgie). 2015. British Journal of Political Science.

Profiling the Electorate: Ideology and Attitudes of Right-wing Voters (with Nina Wiesehomeier). 2014. In: Juan Pablo Luna and Cristóbal Rovira-Kaltwasser (eds.), The Resilience of the Latin American Right. John Hopkins University Press.

The Political Economy of Policy Volatility in Latin America. 2014. Latin American Politics and Society. Vol. 56, 4, pp. 1-21.

Partisanship, Democracy and the Global Market Economy (Review Article). 2014. Government and Opposition. Vol. 49, 4, pp. 703-723.

Life Satisfaction and the Left Turn in Latin America (with Nina Wiesehomeier). 2014. Political Science Research and Methods. Vol 1, 2, pp. 201-221.

The Determinants of Privatization: A comparative analysis of developing countries (with Michael Breen). 2013. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, Vol. 15, 1, pp. 1-20.

Attitudes, Ideological Associations and the Left-Right Divide in Latin America (with Nina Wiesehomeier). 2012. Journal of Politics in Latin America, Vol. 4, 1, pp. 3-33.

Pressures to Privatize? The IMF, Globalization and Partisanship in Latin America. 2012. Political Research Quarterly, Vol. 65, 3, pp. 572-585.

Explaining Contemporary Populism in Latin America. 2011. Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 44, 11, pp. 1447-1473.

Politics and Privatization: Exogenous pressures, domestic incentives and state divestiture in Latin America. 2011. Journal of Public Policy, Vol. 30, 3, pp. 291-320.

Selected Publications