Panel 3 'Religious Freedom, Public Space and Democratic Self-Determination'; 'Fertility, Mortality, and National Responsibility'

Cecile Laborde
Andrew Williams

Conference in honour of the political philosopher David Miller.

Panel 1

Chair: Ashwini Vasanthakumar 

Jonathan Quong: Miller’s Crossing 

Anna Stilz: On Self-Determination


Panel 2

Chair: Cécile Fabre 

Avia Pasternak: Mobs, Firms and Nations – a Critique of David Miller’s Account of Collective Responsibility 

Alan Patten: Public Good Fairness


Panel 3

Chair: Simon Caney 

Cécile Laborde: Religious Freedom, Public Space and Democratic Self-Determination

Andrew Williams: Fertility, Mortality, and National Responsibility


David Miller: Political Philosophy: Looking Back


Panel 4

Chair: Jesse Tomalty 

Allen Buchanan: Self-Determination, Revolution, and Intervention 

Patti Lenard: Multiculturalism, National Identity, and Failed Citizenship\


Panel 5

Chair: Alice Baderin 

Christopher Heath Wellman: Miller on Human Rights

Jeremy Waldron: The Right to Drive People Away


Panel 6

Chair: Stuart White 

Sarah Fine: Political Philosophy and Autobiography 

Leslie Green: Hume on Authority