Who should apply?

The Oxford Spring School welcomes committed graduate students and researchers who will benefit from our advanced training in quantitative and qualitative methods. Applications to study on our courses will be evaluated by the Spring School Director Spyros Kosmidis.

We seek highly motivated students who have excelled in the study of social science or related fields and who are promising social science researchers. Oxford Spring School focuses on a variety of research skills so we welcome students from any social science background to apply. Applicants should have prior experience in linear models (for example OLS) if applying to any course apart from Qualitative Methods.

We offer a non-advanced course - ‘Data Analysis for the Social Sciences’ - for those with little or no experience in quantitative methods.

We encourage applications from students:
  • who are engaged in social science research, especially in political science or sociology.
  • who are currently engaged in graduate level study.
  • whose experience and preparation will allow them to benefit most from the course.

Before applying

If your institution / organisation will be paying for you to attend the Oxford Spring School please ensure the relevant financial approval has been attained and the financial contact(s) at your institution have been consulted regarding the payment method (either credit card or invoice) prior to your application.

Application process

On the application form you will need to:

  • Indicate your course choices (including whether you will attend online or in-person, and whether you will require accommodation) and how you intend to pay for the course (whether you or your institution/organisation will pay).
  • Provide information from your CV as part of the application process.
  • Use your answers to illustrate your relevant experience, why you are applying and how your research will benefit from the course.