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Lucy Abbott

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Wale Adebanwi

Rhodes Professor of Race Relations and Director, African Studies Centre

John Alderdice

Director of CRIC (Centre for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict)

William Allen

Fellow by Examination in Political and Development Studies, Magdalen College, Oxford; Researcher, Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity at the Centre on Migration, Policy, and Society, COMPAS, Oxford

Othon Anastasakis

Senior Research Fellow, St. Antonys College, Director of the European Studies Centre

Alan Angell

Emeritus Fellow in Latin American Politics, St. Antonys College

Alexander Anievas

Anna Biegun Warburg Junior Research Fellow, St. Annes College

Ben Ansell

Professor of Comparative Democratic Institutions, Nuffield College

Kathrin Bachleitner

IKEA Foundation Research Fellow in International Relations, Lady Margaret Hall

Samuel Bagg

Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in Politics

Gordon Barrett

Departmental Lecturer in Modern Chinese History & Politics

Teresa M. Bejan

Associate Professor of Political Theory

Rachel Bernhard

Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in Politics at Nuffield College and the Department of Politics and International Relations

Alexander Betts

Professor of Forced Migration and International Affairs, William Golding Senior Fellow in Politics at Brasenose College, and Associate Head of the Social Science Division, Department of International Development

Udit Bhatia

Junior Research Fellow in Politics, Jesus College, and Lecturer in Politics, Lady Margaret Hall

Paul Billingham

Associate Professor of Political Theory and Fellow and Tutor in Politics, Magdalen College

Scott Blinder

Director, The Migration Observatory, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts

Jan Boesten

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Mariana Borges Martins da Silva

Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in Politics

Sarmila Bose

Senior Research Associate, Centre for International Studies

Tristan Boursier

OXPO Visiting Student

Nigel Bowles

Former Director of the Rothermere American Institute - Former Fellow St. Annes College and Corpus Christi College

Archie Brown

Emeritus Professor of Politics

Dominic Burbidge

Lecturer in Politics

David Butler

Emeritus Fellow, Nuffield College

Daniel Butt

Associate Professor of Political Theory, and Fellow and Tutor in Politics, Balliol College

Asli Cansunar

Postdoctoral researcher on the WEALTHPOL project

Richard Caplan

Professor of International Relations and Official Fellow, Linacre College

Giovanni Capoccia

Professor of Comparative Politics, Fellow, Corpus Christi College

Martin Ceadel

Professor of Politics, Fellow of New College

Karina Cendon Boveda

Career Development Fellow in Politics at St Hilda's College. Lecturer at The Queen's College

Paul Chaisty

Professor of Russian and East European Politics

Effrosyni Charitopoulou

Postdoctoral Research Officer

Richard Coggins

College Lecturer in Politics at Oriel College

Tobias Cremer

Junior Research Fellow, Pembroke College

Ivor Crewe

Master of University College, Oxford

Sam Daws

Director, Project on UN Governance and Reform, Centre for International Studies

Jan-Emmanuel De Neve

Associate Professor of Economics and Strategy

Malcolm Deas

Emeritus Fellow of Latin American Politics, St. Antonys College

Anne Deighton

Emeritus Professor of European International Politics, Fellow, Wolfson College

Daniel Devine

Career Development Fellow in Comparative Politics

Nick Dickinson

Bingham Early Career Fellow in Constitutional Studies

Janina Dill

John G. Winant Associate Professor in U.S. Foreign Policy, Professorial Fellow (Nuffield); Co-Director, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict (ELAC)

Matthias Dilling

Departmental Lecturer in Comparative Politics, Special Lecturer at Magdalen College

Gergana Dimova

Research Associate

Greg Distelhorst

Associate Professor of International Business

Ruth Dixon

Associate Member

David Doyle

Professor of Politics, St. Hughs

Raymond Duch

Director of Centre for Experimental Social Sciences, Fellow of Nuffield College

John Dunbabin

Emeritus Fellow, St. Edmund Hall

Andrew Eggers

Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods in Comparative Government, Director of the Oxford Q-Step Centre, Fellow of Nuffield College

Gideon Elford

Departmental Lecturer in Politics

Mads Andreas Elkjær

Postdoctoral Research Fellow WEALTHPOL Project

Zsolt Enyedi

Leverhulme Visiting Professor

Zsolt Enyedi

Leverhulme Visiting Professor

Geoffrey Evans

Professor in the Sociology of Politics, Official Fellow in Politics, Nuffield College

Cecile Fabre

Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College

Florence Faucher

Professor of political science at Sciences Po (Centre d'études européennes) and OXPO Director

Louise Fawcett

Former Head of Department, Professor of International Relations, Wilfrid Knapp Fellow and Tutor in Politics St Catherines College

Stephen Fisher

Associate Professor in Political Sociology, Department of Sociology, Fellow and Tutor in Politics, Trinity College. Director Oxford QM Teachers Project

Richard Fletcher

Senior Research Fellow, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Rosemary Foot

Senior Research Fellow in International Relations, DPIR, Emeritus Fellow St Antony's College

Elizabeth Frazer

Associate Professor of Politics, Official Fellow, New College

Michael Freeden

Emeritus Professor of Politics

Eli Gateva

Departmental Lecturer in European Union Politics

Matthew J. Gibney

Professor of Politics and Forced Migration and Official Fellow of Linacre College - Deputy Director of the Refugee Studies Centre

Jane Gingrich

Professor of Comparative Political Economy, Magdalen

Anja Giudici

Postdoctoral Research Fellow SCHOOLPOL Project

Ezequiel González Ocantos

Associate Professor in the Qualitative Study of Comparative Political Institutions; Professorial Fellow, Nuffield College

Nandini Gooptu

Associate Professor of South Asian Studies and Head of Department Oxford Department of International Development

Jane Green

Professorial Fellow; Professor of Political Science and British Politics; Director of the Nuffield Politics Research Centre

Todd H. Hall

Professor of International Relations, Tutorial Fellow in Politics for St Anne's College

Robin Harding

Associate Professor of Government, Tutorial Fellow at Lady Margaret Hall

Michael Hart

Associate Professor of Politics, Exeter College

Sudhir Hazareesingh

CUF Lecturer in Politics and Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Balliol College

Anthony Heath

Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Emeritus Professor of Nuffield College

David Hine

Associate Professor of Politics and Student of Christ Church

Christopher Hood

Emeritus Professor of Government, Fellow, All Souls College

Stuart Horsman

Department Visiting Research Fellow

Philip Howard

Statutory Professor of Internet Studies at the Oxford Internet Institute and Balliol College

Andrew Hurrell

Montague Burton Professor of International Relations, Balliol College

Hussam Hussein

Departmental Lecturer and Research Fellow in International Relations

Alessandro Iandolo

Departmental Lecturer in Twentieth-Century International History

Annette Idler

Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Politics and International Relations and at Pembroke College; Director of Studies, Changing Character of War Programme

Sania Ismailee

Department Visiting Student

Robert Johnson

Director of the Changing Character of War Centre

Dominic Johnson

Alastair Buchan Chair of International Relations, Co-Director of the Oxford Martin School "Natural Governance" Programme

Stathis Kalyvas

Gladstone Professor of Government

Edward Keene

Associate Professor of International Relations, Student of Christ Church

Lucas Kello

Associate Professor of International Relations, Director of the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs, Co-Director of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security (Dept of Computer Science)

Alexander Kentikelenis

Junior Research Fellow in Politics, Trinity College

Tae-Yeoun Keum

Christopher Tower Junior Research Fellow at Christ Church

Desmond King

Andrew Mellon Professor of American Government, Professorial Fellow Nuffield College, Emeritus Fellow St John’s College

Spyros Kosmidis

Departmental Lecturer in Quantitative Methods

Alexander Kuo

Associate Professor of Government, Tutorial Fellow, Christ Church

Cécile Laborde

Professor of Political Theory FBA, Nuffield Chair of Political Theory

Jody LaPorte

Tutorial Fellow in Politics & International Relations

Raphaël Lefèvre

Rank-Manning Junior Research Fellow in Social Sciences (New College); Tutor in Middle East Politics

Mathilde Leloup

OXPO Visiting Research Fellow

David Leopold

Associate Professor of Political Theory, Fellow of Mansfield College

Maxime Lepoutre

Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow

Ceren Lord

British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Daniel Luban

Junior Research Fellow in Politics, Political Theory and International Relations

Tom Lubbock

College Lecturer in Politics

Neil MacFarlane

Lester B Pearson Professor of International Relations and Fellow, St Annes College

Margaret MacMillan

Warden of St Antonys College

Silvia Majo-Vazquez

Research Fellow (Digital News Project)

Helen Margetts

Professor of Society and the Internet, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, and Professorial Fellow at Mansfield College; Director of the Public Policy Programme at the Alan Turing Institute for Data Science and AI

Paul Martin

Associate Professor of Politics and Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Wadham College

Juan Masullo

Departmental Lecturer in International Relations

Toby Matthiesen

Sir Adam Roberts Senior Research Fellow in the International Relations of the Middle East

Walter Mattli

Professor of International Political Economy, Official Fellow of St Johns College

Heidi Maurer

Marie Curie Research Fellow, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies, University of Bristol

Hartmut Mayer

Offical Fellow and Lecturer in Politics (International Relations), St Peters College, University of Oxford

Daniel McDermott

Associate Professor of Political Theory and Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Keble College

Iain McLean

Professor of Politics, Official Fellow, Nuffield College

Lois McNay

Professor of Theory of Politics and Fellow, Somerville College

Maline Meiske

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Karolina Milewicz

Associate Professor of International Relations, Fellow of University College

David Miller

Professor of Political Theory, FBA, Senior Research Fellow, Nuffield College

Rana Mitter

Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China, Fellow, St Cross College

Camila Mont'Alverne

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Carl Müller-Crepon

Departmental Lecturer in International Relations

Karma Nabulsi

Associate Professor in Politics and International Relations, Fellow in Politics, St Edmund Hall, Director Undergraduate Studies

Kalypso Nicolaïdis

Professor of International Relations, Faculty Fellow, St Antonys College

Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Professor of Political Communication; Director, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Marius Ostrowski

Examination Fellow at All Souls College

Nicholas Owen

Joint Head of Department, Associate Professor of Politics, Praelector in Politics, The Queen's College

Patricia Owens

Professor of International Relations and Tutorial Fellow at Somerville College

Cristina Parau

Associate Member and Research Fellow, Wolfson College

Andrew Payne

Hedley Bull Research Fellow in International Relations; William Golding Junior Research Fellow

Gillian Peele

Emeritus Professor in Politics and Tutorial Fellow, Lady Margaret Hall

Scot Peterson

Bingham Research Fellow in Constitutional Studies

Mark Philp

Professor of History and Politics, Dissertation Coordinator, Warwick University, Emeritus Fellow, Oriel College

Guillaume Piketty

Sciences Po Senior Researcher, Professor of History at Sciences PO, Paris, Visiting Fellow, Faculty of History

Timothy Power

Professor of Latin American Politics, St Antony's College

Manolis Pratsinakis

ONASSIS Research Fellow

Tena Prelec

Research Fellow, Kleptocracy & Anti-Kleptocracy

Adam Roberts

Senior Research Fellow, Department of Politics & International Relations

Ivor Roberts

President, Trinity College

Portia Roelofs

Clayman-Fulford Junior Research Fellow in Politics and Political Thought

Sophie T. Rosenberg

Research Lecturer in Politics

Amy Ross Arguedas

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Trust in News Project)

Elise Roumeas

Research associate, political theory

F. David Rueda

Professor of Comparative Politics, University Lecturer, Fellow, Nuffield College

Andrea Ruggeri

Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Brasenose College

Nelson A. Ruiz

Departmental Lecturer in Comparative Politics

Alan Ryan

Former Warden of New College

Gwendolyn Sasse

Professor in Comparative Politics, Professorial Fellow, Nuffield College, Harassment Officer

Adam Saunders

British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow and Research Fellow at Nuffield College

Petra Schleiter

Joint Head of Department, Professor of Comparative Politics and Tutorial Fellow (St Hilda's College)

Pablo Scotto

Department Visiting Research Fellow

Avi Shlaim

Emeritus Professor of International Relations

Henry Shue

Senior Research Fellow, Centre for International Studies

Sophie Smith

Associate Professor of Political Theory and Tutorial Fellow, University College

Adam Smith

Edward Orsborn Professor of US Politics & Political History and the Director of the Rothermere American Institute

Duncan Snidal

Professor of International Relations, Fellow of Nuffield College

Ricardo Soares de Oliveira

Professor of the International Politics of Africa, Official Fellow of St Peters College

Devi Sridhar

University Lecturer in Global Health Politics, University of Edinburgh

Amia Srinivasan

Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory

Zofia Stemplowska

Professor of Political Theory, Asa Briggs Fellow, Worcester College

Hew Strachan

Chichele Professor of the History of War, Director of Oxford Leverhulme Programme on the Changing Character of War, All Souls College

Kate Sullivan de Estrada

Associate Professor in the International Relations of South Asia

Miles Tendi

Associate Professor in the Politics of Africa

Patricia M. Thornton

Associate Professor of Chinese Politics, Fellow of Merton College

James Tilley

Professor of Politics and Fellow of Jesus College

Katerina Tkacova

Postdoctoral research fellow

Ben Toff

Research Associate

Steve Tsang

Reader in Politics and Louis Cha Fellow in Modern Chinese Studies, St. Antonys College

Maya Tudor

Associate Professor in Government and Public Policy, Blavatnik School of Government, St. Hildas College

Martijn van den Brink

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow

Mark van Vugt

Research Associate

Harry Verhoeven

Assistant Professor at the School of Foreign Service (Qatar) of Georgetown University

Tomas Wallenius

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Stuart White

Associate Professor of Politics and Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Jesus College

Stephen Whitefield

Professor of Politics, Rhodes Pelczynski Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Pembroke College

Anne Wolf

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Suke Wolton

Regents Park College Lecturer in Politics, Regents Park College

Ngaire Woods

Professor of Global Economic Governance, University College, Dean of the Blavatnik School of Government

Yaacov Yadgar

Stanley Lewis Professor of Israel Studies, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies and Department of Politics and International Relations Fellow at St. Anne’s

Jan Zielonka

Professor of European Politics and Ralf Dahrendorf Fellow, St Antony's College

Radoslaw Zubek

Associate Professor of European Politics, Tutorial Fellow at Hertford College

Julia Zulver

Postdoctoral Gender Research Officer